Hi and thanks for visiting!  The photo above is of me with my wife Shauna and daughter, Cora.

I shoot in the Nashville TN area.  I live in, and was raised in, Hendersonville (just north of Nashville).   I have been making photographs professionally for many years now.

My goal is to make images that will age well.  I can do "trendy" looks for fun but, for family and wedding portraits especially, I want people fifty or more years from now to look at the pictures we make today and say, “That's a really nice photo”.   My main focus through the whole process is to create beautiful, timeless images of this time in your life.

Please feel free to contact me through the link at left.  Also, I publish much more of my work at my Facebook  page (link at left).  

Thanks again for stopping by!

106 Lake Ridge Dr.
Hendersonville, TN 37075